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Elite Service means the provision of a wide range of intellectual property rights solution by the IPAS professional team, in response to the needs of future development of enterprises.
“V.IP” Supreme Programme
“V.IP” Supreme Programme is a tailor-made IP management plan designed for our client by IPAS.  We shall meet our client and then design a comprehensive plan from IP registration to infringement issue for our V.IP client.  In this programme, we will be your private intellectual property consultant.  Our goal is “To make better use of IP Rights & To create greater wealth henceforth”
Applied IP Management Programme
Provide a wide range of intellectual property management solutions:
From IP registration, infringement protection, IP insurance, IP assessment, IP mergers and acquisitions to IP brand development and so on.
IP Licensing Registration
When enterprises encounter infringement cases, they may make use of their IP licensing registration as an evidence for the IP litigation.  It can be used as an effective legal proof for the holder of any trademark, patent and copyright.
IP Mediation
When disputes arise between enterprises, it can be resolved by our IP mediator.  This can save expenses involved as well as be settled with confidentiality, and also end in a win-win situation.

E-security labellogo protect(HK sole agent)

E security label is a product certification management platform, the only IPR QR code product for anti-counterfeiting issued by official in Mainland China. Through the use of this QR code label, protection, tracking and confirming of the authenticity of the product are enforced.  This management platform is guided by the Administration of Copyright of Guangdong Province; produced by the Guangdong Copyright Protection Association; supported by the Market and Quality Supervision Commission of Shenzhen Municipality; and R&D by the Shenzhen Copyright Society.

Administration of Copyright of Guangdong Province

Guangdong Copyright Protection Association

Market and Quality Supervision Commission of Shenzhen Municipality

Shenzhen Copyright Society

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