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What is Digital Work Mark Certificate ? 

The Digital Work Mark Certificate Platform is under the guidance of the Shenzhen Copyright Association and by using the Unit Trust Timestamp technology from the TSA China Time Stamp Authority. It locks the time of the original work from author through the time of uploading the work, making it easier for the creative rights holders to protect the copyright of their works immediately. 

Features of Digital Work Mark Certificate
1 Efficient registration to protect the original works
2 Can be used for licensing 
3 Unit Trust Timestamp e-Storage
4 China court accepts this as evidence
5 Can be used for infringement evidence
What kind of the works can be protected by the Digital Work Mark Certificate ?

Literary works

Novels, poems, essays, papers, scripts, lyrics, digital games, planning plans, bidding documents, product manuals, various copywriting, magazine review manuscripts, etc.;

Fine art works

All kinds of painting works (used in curtains, bedding, ceramic tableware, clothing supplies, magazines and books, various brochures, web pages); at the same time, comic characters, game characters, game props, etc. are also art works

Photography works

Various photography photos (on websites, APPs, posters, various brochures)

Oral recording works

Lectures, speeches and various teaching recordings (recording courseware of various training institutions, etc.)

Engineering design drawings and product design drawings

Various product design drawings (clothing design, luggage style design, watch design, jewelry design, furniture design, ceramic style design, etc.)

Music, drama, dance, acrobatics

All kinds of music, songs, operas, dances, dramas, etc. (background music for corporate videos, background music for supermarkets, amusement parks, shopping malls, KTV, dance halls, etc.)

Film works

Various original short videos, training and teaching videos, original short films, etc.

Software programs

Various software programs developed for computers or mobile terminals.

IP Mediation
When disputes arise between enterprises, it can be resolved by our IP mediator.  This can save expenses involved as well as be settled with confidentiality, and also end in a win-win situation.

E-security labellogo protect(HK sole agent)

E security label is a product certification management platform, the only IPR QR code product for anti-counterfeiting issued by official in Mainland China. Through the use of this QR code label, protection, tracking and confirming of the authenticity of the product are enforced.  This management platform is guided by the Administration of Copyright of Guangdong Province; produced by the Guangdong Copyright Protection Association; supported by the Market and Quality Supervision Commission of Shenzhen Municipality; and R&D by the Shenzhen Copyright Society.

Administration of Copyright of Guangdong Province

Guangdong Copyright Protection Association

Market and Quality Supervision Commission of Shenzhen Municipality

Shenzhen Copyright Society

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