Global IP Registration


A trademark may consist of any combination of patterns, words, numerals, colours, design patterns, etc, but should have its own distinctive and distinguishable features.  The following trademark services are provided by the IPAS.

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  • Global Registration
  • Search
  • Renewal
  • Opposition
  • Argument
  • Review
  • Transfer of Ownership
  • Changes
  • Cancellation
  • IP Licensing
  • TM Strategic Management
  • Madrid Trademark Registration


  • 1What is the purpose for having a trademark?

    Trademarks are useful for distinguishing goods and services provided by different traders, and are one of the important elements for building up brand names. With the help of wide publicity and frequent use of trademarks, they will eventually become the brand names for products and services, as well as sound foundations for the future development of products and services.

  • 2How is Trademark indicated? What is the difference between ® and TM?
  • 3What is the scope for trademark protection?
  • 4Why it is necessary to conduct the trademark search before its registration?
  • 5How long does the validity of trademark registration usually last?
  • 1How are registered trademark owners be protected?

    All goods or services registered under the same trademark owner will be protected.

  • 2Can trademark be transferred?
  • 3Can information concerning a trademark be changed?
  • 4What is trademark reviews?
  • 5How to launch objections against a trademark?
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