Intellectual Property Series Programme (code: IPRS0919)

This programme is focus on the practical application for HK SMEs, so that the participants can master the basic knowledge of IP management from the IP registration process to wealth management of enterprices, as well as evidence and litigation strategy for enforcement.  It walks together with you in the area of IPR.

Series 1: Understanding the different kinds of Intellectual Property (IP) (code: IPRS0919a)

  • Intellectual Property Perspective 
  • Topics included in the IPR programme
  • Introduction to IPR
  • What is IPR?
  • Why is IPR so important?

Date and Time : 19 September, 2019 (Thu) at 10:00-13:00

Series 2: IP Registration – 8 Formulas(code: IPRS0919b)

  • What is 8 essential elements in IP registration?
  • Application progress of Trademark, Patent and copyright
  • Points to note on application of Trademark, Patent and copyright
  • Registration in different countries
  • Keys to successful IPR registration

Date and Time : 19 September, 2019 (Thu) at 14:00-17:00 


Series 3: Effective ways to enhance the wealth of enterprices (code: IPRS0919c)

  • The importance of IP on enhancing wealth
  • How to do licencing tractions
  • Legal obligations of licensors and licensees

Date and Time : 26 September, 2019 (Thu) at 10:00-13:00


Series 4: One stop service – from Evidence Collection to Litigation (code: IPRS0919d)

  • The importance of Evidence collection in Litigation
  • Methods of collecting evidence : Internet Research, Exhibition Patrol and Market Research
  • Strategic Litigation Case Studies
  • Litigation Process
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution

Date and Time : 26 September, 2019 (Thu) at 14:00-17:00 

Venue: Room LG B, HK Productivity Council, 78 Tat Chee Road, Kowloon Tong, KLN

Fee: Whole series: $960(SMEGA member);$1280(non-member) / Individual Prog: $280(SMEGA member);$350(non-member)

Speaker: Dr. Alex Lau, Chairman, SMEGA IP Committee

Language: Cantonese

Certificate: Participants will receive a certificate of attendance must achieve at least 75% class attendance.

Enquiry: Ms. Fok (852) 35903417 / (86) 180 0208 8432  / email: info@ipas.com.hk

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